Sunday, May 24, 2009

I need more crochet time!

I haven't had much crochet time the last couple of weeks as I have been working day and night on website rush job that I am doing for a client. I am almost at the point where the site can go live and I am very happy about that, there will most likely be some minor alternations to make even after the site is online, but it won't have to be at such an insane pace.

On the crochet front -here's a Chicken Potholder that I made.

I am working on two mini Crinoline Girls Spring and Summer. Actually I have done all the crocheting on Spring, she is ready to be starched and the assembled. I am about halfway done on Summer.
I am also currently working on an amigurumi Tinkerbell for a wish for someone on one of the Yahoo crochet groups that I am a member of.

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